BOBBY LIES – radio single „The Drugs That I Do“ release date 02/10/23

BOBBY LIES – radio single „The Drugs That I Do“
release date 02/10/23

New punk rock from Germany!

Here comes punk rock for ALL! With the radio single „The Drugs That I Do“ Bobby Lies has created a punkrock anthem with good mood guarantee and proper earworm potential!

Bobby Lies (aka Mother of Love Gang): this is a wild looking guy with deep roots in the punk/hardcore scene, true love for music and the will to inspire and connect people! He stands for diversity, tolerance and love. With the LOVE GANG he has created a community where everyone is welcomed with open arms and experiences emotional freedom. Bobby is always in love!

His personality finds expression in hard punk rock guitars, beats, drums and sing-alongs. He is not only known through his band „Coyotes“, but also from the TV show „The Voice of Germany“, where Bobby made it to the finals. He then used this time to start his solo career, consulting old friends from his punk/hardcore days for the writing and production of his songs. He simply feels more at home here than in the pop genre.

If you think of toxic substances when you hear „The Drugs That I Do“, you’re only half right. Actually, the song is about toxic people and the power they can have on us. Bobby Lies himself was in a toxic relationship for a year. While he was aware that this relationship was not good for him, he still couldn’t end it. Some of you may know this from theirselves, right?! Bobby Lies thought this was so absurd in retrospect that he just had to write „The Drugs That I Do.“ An anthem for general trauma processing. If you want more from him – YEAH: there will be more releases from Bobby Lies this year…. And even some live dates! See below.

But for now: Roll the film for „The Drugs That I Do!“ Click here for the music video:


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LIVE 2023

02.03.23 // Nürnberg*
03.03.23 // Berlin*
04.03.23 // Bochum*
09.03.23 // Düsseldorf*
10.03.23 // Osnabrück*
11.03.23 // Leipzig*
16.03.23 // Wiesbaden*
17.03.23 // Hannover*
18.03.23 // Köln*
24.03.23 // Saarbrücken*
25.03.23 // Hamburg*
01.04.23 // Stuttgart*
21.04.23 // Dortmund
27.05.23 // Backyard Bash
24.06.23 // Sommerplooza
22.07.23 // Heartbeat Festival
09.08.23 // Holle Rock Festival*mit Marathonmann


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