DEAD LORD – Albumrelease “Surrender” (VÖ 04.09.2020) + neue Radiosingle “Dystopia”

DEAD LORD veröffentlichten heute das lang erwartete Album “Surrender”, wir wünschen HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Die neue Radiosingle heißt “Dystopia”.

1 Distance Over Time 00:03:32
2 Letter From Allen St. 00:05:02
3 Authority 00:04:46
4 Evil Always Wins 00:03:45
5 Messin’ Up 00:04:04
6 Dark End of The Rainbow 00:04:40
7 Bridges 00:04:03
8 The Loner’s Ways 00:03:54
9 Gonna Get Me 00:03:30
10 Dystopia 00:03:58

11 Hands Down (Cover) 00:03:13
12 Moonchild (Cover) 00:04:54
13 I staden som aldrig slumrar till 00:05:10

*only available on the Ltd. CD Digipak

Die Band kommentiert “Messin’ Up”:

”Here’s a lil’ rocknug o’suaveness for all us up-messers, wrong-steppers and hopeless cases. Remember, Rock now, cry later. Turn it up!”

DEAD LORD kommentieren:
“Behold another stew of rockness! This time we give you riffs that salute the rock and twin guitars designed especially to render your face extra molten. With Joseph Tholl handling the backing vocals for the ultimate peak in high pitch howling, we suggest you lean back and surrender to this crisp ear drum pounder, all while understanding that there is no use in resisting, cause Evil Always Wins. Go!”

DEAD LORD sagen zum neuen Album Folgendes:

“We are done recording our 4th album, (titled “Surrender”), which we immortalized for the infinite ages together with Robert Pehrsson (Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker, Death Breath, Dundertåget/Thunder Express etc.) in his Studio Humbucker, in Stockholm. In our very humble opinion, it’s our best album to date and we’re stoked to say that the album came out more face-meltingly awesome than we could ever have hoped for.”

Mehr Informationen zu DEAD LORD:

Facebook: Dead Lord
Instagram: @deadlordswe


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