DEAD LORD – neue Fansingle “Distance Over Time” + Albumankündigung “Surrender”

DEAD LORD sind zurück mit der Fansingle “Distance Over Time” und kündigen im selben Atemzug das neue Album “Surrender” an – erscheinen soll es im Herbst 2020.

DEAD LORD sagen zum neuen Album Folgendes:

“We are done recording our 4th album, (titled “Surrender”), which we immortalized for the infinite ages together with Robert Pehrsson (Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker, Death Breath, Dundertåget/Thunder Express etc.) in his Studio Humbucker, in Stockholm. In our very humble opinion, it’s our best album to date and we’re stoked to say that the album came out more face-meltingly awesome than we could ever have hoped for.”

Mehr Informationen zu DEAD LORD:

Facebook: Dead Lord
Instagram: @deadlordswe


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