FINAL STAIR: New Single „Headgames“ out now

FINAL STAIR: New Single „Headgames“ out now

release date: July 27th

Album „Hope“ will be released September 16th

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Emotionally loaded alt-rock songs: Berlin based band FINAL STAIR are already known for that! With the new radio single „Headgames“, the trio again releases a song that goes deep into the heart and marrow. But this time, it is not about interpersonal relationships, but a very personal story of singer Istvan. In the track, he has processed his severe anxiety and panic attacks: „Headgames is a song that means a lot to me. I felt like I couldn’t escape. It felt like the end of my life, but in the end I was the winner over myself. I overcame the darkness and things have changed since then.“


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With „Headgames“, the band wants address the collective spirit: „This song goes to all who have experienced similar things. Be aware that you are not alone!“ Melancholy, depression, psychological problems, lost love: on their rock debut „Hope“ (release date September 16th), FINAL STAIR do not mince words and radiate unadorned authenticity on level 100. We say: Beastie Butterfly approved!

Tracklist „Hope“ (release date:  September 16th)

1. Dreamhunter

2. Morning Dew

3. Never Felt Before

4. Hope

5. Headgames

6. End of Love

7. Illusionist

8. Back to Throne

9. Everything

10. Mercedes

11. Dirt Effect

12. Suitcase

13. Fireworks

14. Pulsating Lights

15. Tonight

The album „Hope“ can be pre-listened confidentially. Send an e-mail to if you want to have more information.


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