FINAL STAIR release emotionally charged debut album „Hope“ including radio single „Never Felt Before“

FINAL STAIR release emotionally charged debut album „Hope“ including radio single „Never Felt Before“

release date: September 30th

Radio single remains „Headgames“

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The fact that „Hope“ is FINAL STAIR’s debut album seems almost unreal given the band’s unbelievably memorable and professional signature sound! Released two weeks ago, there is one song in particular that we can’t get out of our heads: the new radio single „Never Felt Before“! The track sonically embodies the musical and lyrical core of FINAL STAIR like no other single. With a distinct rock sensibility, the song underlines FINAL STAIR’s ability to play with their own experiences and influences so that we (and surely you as well!) won’t be able to finish the „sounds like…“ phrase.

FINAL STAIR comments about the track: „Never Felt Before is about the passionate attraction between two people. It’s about a special moment. You can feel the excitement at first glance. We realized very quickly that this song describes the topic of passion very well, as it rushes forward uncompromisingly from start to finish, is incredibly intense and hardly leaves any time to breathe.


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The album „Hope“ includes 15 tracks that offer a musically coherent overall experience. Driven by emotional honesty and a genuineness that is increasingly difficult to find in the modern age, it is definitely one of the best newcomer albums in 2022for us! Vinyl-fans can look forward to tomorrow, since the vinyl will be released in retail stores and the band shop on October 14th. Open a bottle of wine, turn on the record player and enjoy!

Tracklist „Hope“ (release date:  September 30th)

1. Dreamhunter

2. Morning Dew

3. Never Felt Before

4. Hope

5. Headgames

6. End of Love

7. Illusionist

8. Back to Throne

9. Everything

10. Mercedes

11. Dirt Effect

12. Suitcase

13. Fireworks

14. Pulsating Lights

15. Tonight


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