IMMUNITY release metalcore debut album „BREATHE“

IMMUNITY release metalcore debut album „BREATHE“

Radio single remains „Post Human Empire“

For us, it is definitely the long-awaited metalcore debut of the year: With „BREATHE“, the first album of the Nuremberg-based band IMMUNITY sees the light of day today! Frontman Dominik „Nik“ Maiser inspires us with emotional and melodic vocals as well as bloodcurdling shouts and screams. In terms of songwriting, the topics on „BREATHE“ couldn’t be more different: „The album is characterized by many influences. Of course and not only by the Corona time or visions of the future, but also by very personal experiences, such as the inner struggle with own demons, love and fear“, says Nik. „BREATHE“was produced by Christoph Wieczorek, known through Annisokay, one of the leading metalcore acts in Europe. The current radio single: IMMUNITY’s stadium anthem „Post Human Empire„!


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„Post Human Empire“ creates a fantastic future image of a world that humanity has destroyed with all its deeds. A place where wealth, prestige and power are no longer worth anything, embedded in an epic melody and hard guitar riffs. After the released singles „Sounds like a Melody“, „Creatures“ and „Post Human Empire“ we are absolutely and undoubtedly in the IMMUNITY-fever from now on with „BREATHE“!

Tracklist „BREATHE“ (release date August 12th)


1. Creatures
2. Faceless Void
3. Of Hopes And Fears
4. Saturn Ascends
5. Lost The Flame To The Storm
6. Post Human Empire
7. Breathe
8 Sounds like a Melody
9. Breaking Character
10. Symbiosis


The album „BREATHE“ is already available for a confidential stream via Beastie Butterfly. Just send us a message and we’ll get back to you!



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