LUDWIG HART – radio single „Stuck On You (Purpose Of Love, PT II)“ Airdate: 16.12.22

LUDWIG HART – radio single „Stuck On You (Purpose Of Love, PT II)“
airdate: 16.12.22

Young singer songwriter from Sweden introduces himself

Here comes the 35 year old Ludwig Hart. If this gentleman is not yet in your focus, but you are into great singer songwriters, then please invest 3:43 min of your life time into this wonderful song! You will not regret it! „Stuck On You (Purpose Of Love, PT II)“.

This song is the continuation to the Heart Break story of having to let that one great love in your life go. Even as a kid, Ludwig loved sequels to movies. With „Stuck On You (Purpose Of Love, PT II)“ he then wrote a sequel himself for his song „Purpose Of Love“ from his first studio album (Ludwig Hart, released in 2019).

The radio single „Stuck On You (Purpose Of Love, PT II)“ already celebrated great success in Sweden and is to be the first introduction on German radio. Also in the luggage to the radio focus single „Stuck On You (Purpose Of Love, PT II)“ you will find the first new release since the album „Paloma“: „Chasing Gold“ VÖ 16.12 2022. The lyrics about the greed for abundance stimulates to think, the music shows another nuance of Ludwig Hart’s great talent.

Ludwig always describes his own music as get-in-the-car-and-drive-rock, but it is so much more than that. The stunning arrangements with soaring guitars, synthesizers and a great cinematic atmosphere remind of The War On Drugs, Jackson Browne or even Fleetwood Mac.

Ludwig Hart touches with all his songs. Get in the car and drive….




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