MANDO DIAO release radio single „Fire in the Hall“ and EP „Primal Call Vol 2“

Mando Diao release radio single „Fire in the Hall“
and EP „Primal Call Vol 2“

release 09/23/22

The radio single from the second release is a party guarantee!

Mando Diao, pressbild, blästringshallarna

Life Hack by Mando Diao and us for you: Life is about having a really good time and dancing away all your worries! Our favorite rockers from Sweden have composed the perfect soundtrack for this with the new radio single „Fire in the Hall“! It’s about just letting go of everything and just enjoying the moment, burning the place down (in a figurative sense, of course, just hihi) – just „Fire in the Hall“!

Mando Diao’s newest Party Garant is released today on the EP „Primal Call Vol 2“, the second in a series of releases that began in May with „Stop the Train Vol 1“ and radio single „Frustration“. The radio single  got well-deserved in the Mando Diao manner a taste of the mountains in the German rock charts, so „Frustration“ was in the Top 5 for 5 weeks and climbed to #2 there twice!

„Fire in the Hall“ has a bit of a „Dance with Somebody“ feeling! Anyway, we’re jumping in circles together and having the time of our lives – and with that: „Fire in the Hall“!


Playground Music Scandinavia AB

Facebook: Mando Diao
Instagram: @mandodiaomusic


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