MASSIVE WAGONS – neue Radiosingle “In It Together” VÖ 27.03.2020

MASSIVE WAGONS sind zurück! Nicht nur mit neuer Single “In It Together”, sondern auch mit einer Albumankündigung! “House Of Noise” heißt das gute Stück und erscheint diesen Sommer, VÖ ist der 17.07.2020!

Der Fünferpack aus Lancaster veröffentlicht heute die Radiosingle “In It Together” inklusive Musikvideo via Earache! Als fünftes Studioalbum erscheint “House Of Noise” dann im Juli, Fronmann Baz Mills sagte dazu Folgendes:

“I’ve always said that you cannot lie to your fans because they can smell an impostor a mile away, I couldn’t do what I do knowing I’m feeding people bullshit, your songs, your stage show, interviews, ours are all 100% us, I’m 100% me and when I say this album is our best yet then I totally mean it!”

Nur, wenn man seine Musik ehrlich fühlt, kann man damit auch Erfolg haben!

“House Of Noise is absolutely our best song writing yet, it feels like 10 years in the making and through being signed with Earache we were able to record it at a dream studio with two of the best producers in the biz, Mr Chris Clancy and Mr Colin Richardson, these guys took our songs, our ideas and abilities and collectively we managed to capture the best sounds we have ever recorded, we could not be happier with the outcome, it’s been an absolute dream recording this album, and we cannot wait to give it to rockers and rollers all over the world.”


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