ROYAL REPUBLIC – neue Radiosingle “Back From The Dead” (VÖ 29.10.2021)

ROYAL REPUBLIC are taking rock’n’roll to the other side and back!
“Be cool, be smart and use your head – bring me back from the dead…”

Royal Republic are many things. Sweden’s foremost masters of addictive rock’n’roll. Trained musicians with a killer instinct for a great hook. Voracious music nerds with appetites that span pop, garage rock, heavy metal, americana, hip-hop and just about everything in between. Cheerful hedonists who’ll drink you under the table after shows and nail perfect four-part vocal harmonies on stage every night.

If there’s one thing Royal Republic’s shows don’t lack, it’s confidence. And even in their glitziest and shiniest moments, that raw, fearsome energy still comes out in all they do. It’s this combination of balls-to-the-wall rock, precision-honed technique and tearaway fun that makes them one of rock’n’roll’s most watchable acts.

Whoever you are, whatever your taste, Royal Republic welcome you with open arms. And whatever they do next, you can bet it’ll be a hell of a ride…


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